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Saturday, August 16, 2014


To make it easier to keep track of who is who, here is the list of characters in "The Evil Eye of Africa".
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Keep your sightglass full, your firebox trimmed and your water iced.

"The Evil Eye of Africa"
By Jayne Barnard

A Guess-the-Murderer Mystery in Two Acts

Dramatis Personae:

Baron von Boddy – a Cornish adventurer better known for his failures than his successes, and his idiosyncratic single-hander expeditionary airship, the Jules Verne. His present quest for the Eye of Africa began in London amid fanfare but degenerated into bragging for drinks around the British haunts in Cairo.
 (Andrew Nadon)

Colonel Bilious Mustard – Boddy’s long-time, stalwart friend, recently retired from an upstanding military career that left him showered with medals but holding few saleable assets.
(Grant Zelych)

Sir Ambrose Peacockheir to Baron von Boddy’s title and whatever is left of his estate, this feckless fop has never worked at anything more challenging than the tying of his cravat nor made a more weighty decision than the placement of a jeweled pin in said cravat.
(Jessep Crossfield)

Lady Peacock – an undeniable beauty, of whom little is known prior to her recent airship wedding – some say hasty, others romantic – to Sir Ambrose.
(Raven Hawthorne)

Professor Polonius Plum – an Oxford scholar of no particular note, until he came to frequent the company of Baron von Boddy last winter.
(James Prescott)


Henry “Indiana” Brown – an American, professor of Archaeology at a little-known Midwest university, he has made a lifelong study of ancient African relics of power. (Andrew Nadon)

Mrs. Medusa Midas-White – an American industrial heiress with pots of money and a thirst for more.(Karen Siemens)

Hercule Hornblower – a notable British-Belgian detective whose forays into undercover surveillance are thwarted by his excessively large and recognizable moustaches.
(Stewart McPhee)


An Incidental Airship Captain of No Particular Importance.

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