Calgary Spring Regionals May 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Fine day's competition.

Sunday, May 1st 2016 was a beautiful sunny spring day.
Perfect weather for the Second Annual Spring Regional Parasol Duelling Competition.

 The competition was held in the same location as last year, at Weadickville just outside of the BMO Centre in Stampede Park, during the 2016 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

We had done two demos during the weekend and so we had a pretty good crowd of spectators for the competition.

 Katherine Lingwood, Cindy Bedford, Stewart MacPhee, Cali Kyhn,
  Karen Siemens and Deanne Robbins.
Photo by Grant Zelych

I work at a vendor's table at the Expo along with several of the regular duelists from Calgary and earlier in the weekend we had been so busy that we actually missed one of the demos!

Luckily the other members of Madame Saffron's leapt into the breach and conducted an excellent demo. Makes me proud indeed to see our members taking up the reins and elegantly demonstrating our great sport. Please join me in a hearty well done!

On Sunday, not taking any chances, we made sure to head for the Duelling Ground with lots of time to spare. When we got to the site there were already several duelists and quite a crowd of spectators gathered.  With ten duelists signed up it took a few minutes to get things organized.

Our Judge and record keeper for the event was the ever efficient Baroness Daniela Fawkes (aka Dana Teh). Her first official act was to read a "Welcome and Admonition" from Madame Saffron Taxus-Hemlock, who  unfortunately could not attend this year's competition.

Here is a video of this stirring start to the Spring Regionals!

Duelling in the Spring Sunshine!
Cindy Bedford vs Kyra McDonald
Photo by Karlo Keet

There were 10 competitors for this year's Regionals. Two winners of the 2015 World Championships, including the current World Champion, and the 2014 World Champion were amongst the Duelists!

The Regionals also include new duelists some of whom have never dueled in competition before, as well as more experienced Ladies.

Again this year we saw how everyone has continued to improve their duelling figures. There are also clearly developing styles and strategies which are fascinating to watch in action.

Karen Seimens and Deanne Robins
Photo by Karlo Keet

The format of this years competition was to be a true Round Robin where everyone duels everyone else during the course of the competition. Wins were to be awarded 2 points and a draw was awarded 1 point. It quickly became apparent that even running two duels at once, with 10 competitors it would take too long to run the competition in the time we had available.

So after the first three rounds had been fought it was decided to drop the two lowest scoring duelists off the list.

In one of those serendipitous events from which traditions are born, when the first Ladies were told that they had been eliminated, Raven Hawthorne asked all the remaining competitors: "Ladies can we give them a Twirl!"

A beautiful, and elegant way to show the respect due their fellow competitors!

The competition was stiff and the Ladies demonstrated their prowess with great speed and poise.  Here is a selection of photos that should give you a good feel for the competition.

The intensity of these duelists is very apparent here!
Raven Hawthorne and Sarafina Kain
Photo by Grant Zelych
Karen Seimens
Photo by Grant Zelych
Audra Balion
Photo by Karlo Keet

Raven Hawthorne
Photo by Karlo Keet

Cindy Bedford
Photo by Karlo Keet
Tamara Horne
Photo by Karlo Keet

 The duelling continued with the lowest scoring ladies being dropped from the list after each round.

Running two duels simultaneously took a bit of getting used to!  In order to prevent confusion only one of the Doctors would do the count but loud enough for both pairs of duelists to hear. This allowed the competition to proceed quickly but smoothly.

Raven Hawthorne and Katherine Lingwood
Photo by Karlo Keet

Nicole Baker and Kyra McDonald
Photo by Karlo Keet


Cindy Bedford and Audra Balion
Photo by Karlo Keet

Finally after a further grueling 6 rounds of duelling, three Ladies emerged victorious!

Each was awarded one of these magnificent ribbons created for this event by Raven Hawthorne.

Winner's Ribbons by Raven Hawthorne

Here are the winners of the 2016 Spring Regional Parasol Duelling Competition being presented their winner's ribbons by the Baroness!
 First Place Ribbon to Audra Balion
Photo by Karlo Keet

Second Place Raven Hawthorne
Photo by Karlo Keet
Third Place: Nicole Baker
Who had never dueled in competition before!
Photo by Karlo Keet

Congratulations Ladies!

2016 Spring Regionals
L to R: Audra Balion 1st place
Nicole Baker 3rd place
Raven Hawthorne 2nd place

Thank you to all the Ladies who participated in the Second Annual Spring Regional Competition.

Photo by Grant Zelych

Thank you also to my fellow Doctor, Dr Johann Portsmouth Adler (aka Stewart MacPhee.) for his sharp eye and strong voice!

As always thanks to the wonderful photographers that make us look so good!
Karlo Keet of Catstar Images
Grant Zelych
and our intrepid videographer Alex Norrington.

Keep your sightglass full, your firebox trimmed, and your water iced.

For more information and to find out more about this great sport go to:
Madame Saffron Hemlock’s Parasol Duelling League for Steampunk Ladies

Click here for information on the history and development of Parasol Duelling 
or click the Parasol Duelling tag.

The Rules for Parasol Duelling are here.


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