Let the Games Begin Part 1

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Everybody likes games and competitions, after all sports drive much of today's mainstream entertainment.
Next month in fact, we will again be witness to a massive smorgasbord of winter sports during the Winter Olympics in  Sochi Russia.

So that got me thinking about Steampunk games and sports. There are not a lot of them out there frankly. Recently there has been interest in Tea Duelling in our area which is fun. The Honourable Association of Tea Duellists publish a lovely set of rules available at their website here. And while this is certainly a fine way to pass an evening or afternoon, I was thinking that we need something grander to sink our teeth into, so to speak.

Then I remembered an incident at the Beakerhead festival in Calgary this last September. There was a good representation of Calgary Steampunks involved in adding some classy colour to the event and during one afternoon along the major downtown mall two lovely Ladies got into a duel!

What rules and etiquette applies to this I wondered?
Perhaps this is something that could become a "sport" with competitions and skills and stories to go along with it.

A Steampunk Sport and a fine Lady like one at that!

I have been working on a draft set of rules for Parasol Duelling.  I still need to do some actual experiments to make sure it is workable, fun, and safe for Ladies and Parasols both of course.  But once I have a workable scheme I will publish the rules here so others can try them out too.

Who knows, maybe sometime in the future there could be a World Championship Parasol Duelling competition at a major Steampunk event!

Stay tuned for more developments as they occur.

Keep your sightglass full, your firebox trimmed and your water iced.


Laura Morrigan says:
at: January 17, 2014 at 6:10 AM said...

We recently started Tea Duelling in Australia too. I just got home from a tea duel about half an hour ago, funnily enough!

I would love to hear more about parasol duelling! Can't wait!

Have you heard of the Chap Olympiad? I was making a list a while ago of some of the events they had there, in hope of getting them started in the local Steampunk groups. I will have a look and try and see if I can find my notes.

I also found a reprinted old book of children's games at the bookstore today, so I am wondering about what other games we could play. I wonder if any kid's games would apply well to adults. I have always wanted to play Blind Man's Buff.

KJ says:
at: January 17, 2014 at 6:52 AM said...

Thanks Laura.
I love Synchronicity like that!
Just looked up the Chap Olympiad, thanks for the link there is definitely a lot of games there that we could "borrow" for Steampunks to do.

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