Just glue some gears on it...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This is rapidly becoming a kind of anthem for many of us...


Thinking about this today it occurs to me that the video raises some excellent points about "jumping on the bandwagon".

This is nothing new of course, it is the standard process by which a new "scene" morphs into a "hipster scene" and then ultimately, either into the "mainstream" or oblivion.

Personally I'm a fan of the aesthetic aspects of Steampunk, so as long as it looks cool I don't particularly care if it works or not smile.

That said, I'm still fascinated by process and, like the tinkerers rules I posted here, I love trying to figure out what some arcane looking piece is supposed to do. The better the illusion of possibly working a piece has the better I like it.

"Glue gears on it and call it Steampunk" is a good slogan for that cashing in on a nascent trend behaviour we are seeing now.   It should not however be taken as a call to arms by any kind of authenticity mavins. One of the great strengths of the Steampunk scene is the creativity and sense of wonder that we share in making and displaying "fabulousness".

Since some of us, me in particular, are not really very creative or skillful, we have to buy our bits 'n bobs to participate. Captian Horatio Hooke's famous line "My tailor is pay pal" is very apropos frankly.

After all it doesn't matter what it is, it matters what it looks like.

Keep your sightglass full and your firebox trimmed.


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