Various Regulations for the Royal Navy Medical Service 1875

Sunday, August 19, 2012

6th July 1875.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that the following Regulations, relative to the Examination of Candidates for the Appointment of Surgeon in the Royal Navy, shall in future be adopted:

Every Candidate desirous of presenting himself for admission to the Naval Medical Service must be not under twenty-one nor over twenty-eight years of age. He must produce a certificate from the District Registrar, in which the date of birth is stated ; or, if this cannot be obtained, an affidavit from one of the parents or other near relative, who can attest the date of birth, will be accepted. He must also produce a certificate of moral character, signed by a Clergyman or a Magistrate to whom he has been for some years personally known or by the President or Senior Professor of the College at which he was educated.

He must be free from organic disease, and will be required to make a declaration that he labours under no mental or constitutional disease or weakness, nor any other imperfection or disability that can interfere with the most efficient discharge of the duties of a Medical Officer in any climate.

His physical fitness will be determined by a Board of Medical Officers, who are to certify that his vision comes up to the required standard, which will be ascertained by the use of Snellen's Test Types.

He must also attest his readiness to engage for general service, and to proceed on foreign service when required to do so.

He must be registered under the Medical Act in force at the time of his appointment, as licensed to practise Medicine and Surgery in Great Britain or Ireland,

Certificates of registration, character, and age must accompany this Schedule when filled up and returned.

Candidates will be examined by Examining Board in the following subjects:-
Anatomy and Physiology
Medicine, including Therapeutics, the diseases of women and children.
Chemistry and Pharmacy, and a practical know ledge of drugs. (The examination in Medicine and Surgery will be in part practical, and will include operations on the dead body, the application of Surgical Apparatus, and the examination of Medical and Surgical patients at the bedside.)

The eligibility of each Candidate for the Naval Medical Service will be determined by the result of the examinations in these subjects only.

Candidates who desire it will be examined in Comparative Anatomy, Zoology, Natural Philosophy, Physical Geography and Botany, with special reference to Materia Medica ; also in French and German; and the number of marks gained in these subjects will be added to the total number of marks obtained in the obligatory part of the examination by Candidates who shall have been found qualified for admission, and whose position on the list of successful competitors will thus be improved in proportion to their knowledge of these branches of science.

After passing this examination, every Candidate be required to attend one entire course of Practical Instruction in the Medical School at Netley, on:-

Clinical and Naval and Military Medicine.
Clinical and Naval and Military Surgery.
Pathology of Diseases and Injuries incident to the Naval and Military Service.

At its conclusion, the Candidate will be required to pass all examination on the subjects taught in the School.

If he give satisfactory evidence of being qualified for the practical duties of a Naval Medical Officer, he will be eligible for a Commission as Surgeon.

During the period of his residence at the Netley Medical School, each Candidate will receive an allowance of 5s. per diem with quarters, or 7s. per diem without quarters, to cover all costs of maintenance; and he will be required to provide himself with uniform (viz., the Regulation undress uniform of a Surgeon, but without the sword).

All Candidates will be required, while at Netley, to conform to such rules of discipline as the Senate may from time to time enact,

After completing three years' Full Pay Service, Surgeons will be allowed to be examined for the rank of Staff-Surgeon, but no Surgeon can be promoted to the rank of Staff'-Surgeon until he shall have served five years, two of which must have been in a ship actually employed at sea.


Recommended by

I (Christian and Surname at full length) Years of age in __________ last ----vide accompanying Certificate ---- a Candidate for the appointment as a Medical Officer in the Royal Navy, do hereby engage for General Service and attest my readiness to proceed on duty abroad whenever required to do so.

I declare that I labour under no Mental or Constitution Disease or Weakness, nor any other imperfection or disability which can interfere with the most efficient discharge of the duties of a Medical Officer in any climate.



(Place of Residence)


I have in my possession the following Degrees, Diplomas and other Qualifications in Medicine, Surgery and in Arts.

I wish to be examined in the following Voluntary

Subjects, viz.:-


C. W.

Admiralty 7th October 1875.
Continued here Various Regulations for the Medical Service in the Royal Navy 1875


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